A Message from our Founder – The Road to Twelve North

I started this agency in May of 2019 after the death of my father, followed shortly by the death of my boss. The personal challenges brought on by those deaths were the kick in the pants I needed to forge my own career path.

marketing hockeyAt that point, I’d spent more than 20 years in sales and media marketing. I was a sponge, soaking up whatever sales knowledge and leadership I could. I am grateful for the many mentors I had the opportunity to learn from.

When I started the agency in 2019 – then Squad Collaborative – I was focused on sales, sponsorship, media buying and planning and my specialties were live events and sports. I had no idea what the next year would bring and as you can imagine, live events and sports didn’t pair well with a pandemic. I muddled through from March through September of 2020, until finally, I took the advice I’d give my clients – recalibrate and respond to the needs of the market.

So…in October 2020, Twelve North Agency was born. This time, having learned a few things, I shifted my focus to small business, particularly those struggling in one way or another. I rebranded, shifted focus, and reprioritized EVERYTHING. I thought more about our processes, the types of services I wanted to deliver and the values I wanted to build our business on. And that’s how I arrived at Twelve North Agency. The name, an inspiration from our home away from home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Since the recalibration – we’ve made some moves! In March of 2021, we moved out of the home office and into our new digs at 214 Minot Avenue. In May, we hired our first ever employee and Creative Director – Amy Jose. And recently, my wife left her job in healthcare marketing and she also joined the team. Kelly serves as our Chief Strategy Officer, bringing with her nearly 2o years of experience building sophisticated brands and developing integrated marketing and communications strategies with proven results. With the addition of Amy and Kelly, Twelve North Agency is able to offer a much broader range of services. In addition to livestreaming, media buying and planning, and content production and execution, we’re now a full-service integrated branding, marketing, and communications agency. We can now offer  a small or growing business everything it needs to build a brand, and get the attention of their audience. Essentially, you can consider Twelve North Agency your partner in growth.

This is the beginningof many great days ahead for Twelve North Agency. Personally, it is an amazing opportunity for my family – one that I very much look forward to.

Please join me in welcoming Kelly to our small but growing team – and thank you to everyone who supported us from an idea until now – I promise what happens next will be great!


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