For more than twenty years, our team has been devoted to telling great stories and helping businesses grow through integrated branding, communications, and marketing strategy. In that time we’ve learned that the most important drivers are tied to values – and at Twelve North – our values are everything.

We’re always curious – exploring every option, asking questions, listening to our clients, and researching possible solutions and outcomes before arriving at an answer.

We act with integrity. Always. There are no exceptions. Do the next right thing and the next right thing after that, even when it’s hard.

We stay agile, never afraid to face change.

We approach everything, seriously everything, with ALL THE PASSION we have. All of it. We approach every client project with the same level of passion.

We believe it is important to be kind, without exception.

Our team is first, always – our internal team, our team of clients, our team in the community.