Get to Know Twelve North – Bill David

Bill David is the founder of Twelve North Agency and serves as Technical Director in his day to day role. He’s big on family and helping grow businesses in Maine.

Get to know him a little better: 

Favorite LA (Maine) restaurant:dining at fishbones in Lewiston Maine

If I have to choose one, I’d go with Fishbones – Great owners, staff, and environment with top notch quality food.

I also love Mac’s Grill, Roy’s which is right up the road from our office, Kristi’s Café for breakfast and lunch. Honestly, we have a lot of great options here in LA.


Favorite Quote: 

“Failing to evolve leads to extinction.” -Bill David

I’ve tried to find an attribution for this quote, it’s something I’ve always said, since my early days in sales. I can’t find an attribution anywhere, so it must be a Bill David original.

walking on trails at Range Pond MaineWho inspires you? 

My family, they are resilient, and loyal, and fun!


What do you do in your spare time? 

Enjoy time with my family – watching my kids play sports, walking around Mackwarth Island, hitting balls at Tabers. Time with my family is time well spent.

In the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of my spare time coaching middle school lacrosse. There is something so great about coaching kids at this level. Some days they’ll make you want to pull your hair out, for sure. But, they really want to get better, they are ready to soak up whatever knowledge you have to throw at them (even if they don’t always seem like it).

Fav beverage:

Bud Light with Clamato

Fav place to travel:

Corolla, NC in the Outer Banks. But, Nashville and St Thomas are close runners up. enjoying family time in corolla north carolina

What did you miss most in the 2020?

Socialization (I’m a big time extrovert) and seeing my children explore the world.

What’s the story behind Twelve North? 

Simply, do something you love, do it REALLY well, with people you care about, for those that appreciate it.


What do you love about building a business in Maine?

There is so much untapped potential, especially here in LA Maine. We live in such an amazing place and I think it can be easy to forget that from time to time. Maine people love helping Maine people and that is especially true in business, I’ve found.

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