Tiktok Most Visited Website in 2021

Tiktok Most Visited Website in 2021

Cloudflare Inc, a cloud-infrastructure company that collects internet traffic, announced the big

news last week that TikTok became the most visited website, ousting Google from the top spot, after a 15-year reign.

At this time last year, we were racing to get accurate and trusted COVID-19 information to diverse audiences. I distinctly recall a hospital marketing colleague scoffing at TikTok for that purpose, saying, “It’s for kids and dancing.” I was disappointed but not surprised. In general healthcare is slow to adapt to trends in the world of marketing – but TikTok is proof that we need to change that.

TikTok really was everywhere this year. How many times have you found yourself outside of TikTok thinking “immediately no, immediately no, I’ve seen what I needed to see.” (if you know then you know)?

While TikTok rose in popularity thanks in part to the pandemic, it hasn’t stopped there and it’s definitely not just for kids and dancing. Their algorithm is good, ensuring you very rarely find yourself on the “wrong side” of TikTok.  With 1 billion active users and growing, businesses and influencers are sure to find a captive audience there.

What makes Tiktok unique is that authenticity is favored. You don’t need fancy production to get attention on TikTok. Sound quality should be good, but being real earns views on the platform.

What are our take-aways as an agency?

  • Social is an important part of your overall search strategy
  • Diversity in platforms is really important – but wherever you are, you must be active
  • Provide your audience with content they can use – whether for entertainment, information or inspiration (stop shooting your brand out of a potato cannon on social media and expecting it to land)
  • Knowing your brand and having a good brand platform is more critical than ever before
  • Building a relationship with your audience is critical
  • Authenticity is super important
  • Video quantity and quality matter a LOT

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